Portrait of a resident in one of LSSI's mental health group homes in Chicago, IL

Mental Health Group Homes in Chicago

LSSI has 3 Mental Health Group Homes on the northwest side of Chicago. These homes are a stepping stone for individuals with a mental health diagnosis who have a goal of living independently.

What Can Residents Expect?

Our group homes are designed to give residents the opportunity to learn and practice independent living skills while living in a supportive environment. The homes are staffed 24/7. Residents have their own bedroom but share a bathroom and eat meals together. They participate in structured weekly therapeutic groups, skill building and social activities, and also perform household chores. Residents are encouraged to work and attend school or day programs.

Services Are for Adults Who:

  • Are living with a mental health diagnosis
  • Need to build skills for independent living (laundry, budgeting, meal planning, etc.)
  • Want emotional support and encouragement while practicing independent living skills
  • Are able to perform activities of daily living (grooming, bathing, dressing) independently
  • Would like to practice social skills in a safe residential setting

How Are These Services Covered?

LSSI's group homes are low-income HUD housing. Potential tenants will have to meet the HUD low-income guidelines. Tenants will pay rent that is based on their income. Therapeutic services are covered by Medicaid or Managed Care.


Belle Plaine Group Home of LSSI

4824 W. Belle Plaine Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

Keystone Group Home of LSSI
(All male)

4152 N. Keystone Ave
Chicago, IL 60641

Hutchinson Group Home of LSSI
(All female)

3348 W. Hutchinson St.
Chicago, IL 60641