Lifebook for Children Adopted from Foster Care

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My Awesome Life, customized for children adopted from foster care, includes an additional section, My Adoption.

Adjust to Life with a New Family

  • Pages like “My Adoption Plan” provide a safe way to share alternative perspectives on why the child is being adopted.
  • Children can learn about their adoptive families through pages like “My Adoptive Family Tree.”
  • Pages like “Being Adopted” offer a way to express feelings about adoption.

Remember and Celebrate Strengths of the Birth Family

  • Pages like “My Mother”, “My Father”, and “My Brothers and Sisters” offer a way for the child to record details about his or her birth family.
  • Pages like “Health History” offer a central place for children to record information that will be important later in life.

Build Self-Esteem

  • Children discover their strengths through pages like “I am Special.”
  • Pages like “My Firsts” celebrate the child’s achievements.

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