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Designed for:

  • Foster care agencies to train child welfare specialists and social workers in Lifebook work.
  • Although primarily written for child welfare professionals, the training can be easily adapted for foster and/or adoptive parents, volunteers, and students.


  • Full color trainer’s guide
  • Lifebook Training DVD – 1 hour in length that can be viewed separately from the curriculum
  • 1 set of Participant Resources
  • CD with PowerPoint slides and PDF files of the Trainer’s Guide and Participant Resources (which agencies may reproduce for use with their own staff or foster and/or adoptive parents).
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The Most Comprehensive Lifebook Training Packed in 5 Modules, or 6.5 Hours

  • The training is set up in 5 modules, totaling 6.5 hours. It can be delivered as a 1-day training or on 2+ separate training dates.
  • The curriculum includes a script for 1 or more trainers and suggestions for delivering the content, including a section on the impact of trauma on children and how Lifebooks help children heal.
  • In addition to the video segments, the curriculum includes mini-lectures, skill-building activities, and discussions to help participants understand the benefits of Lifebooks for children and learn practical “how-tos.”
  • Participant hand-outs include all the activities needed for the training, plus sample Lifebook pages from actual children in foster care.

Get Tips from the Experts

The curriculum incorporates video clips from LSSI’s Lifebook DVD, a documentary-style video presentation developed in conjunction with Dr. Jeanne Howard of the Center for Adoption Studies at Illinois State University. In the DVD, you will meet foster and/or adoptive parents, therapists, child welfare, and adoption professionals. This wide variety of professionals provide instruction on how to do Lifebook work with children, including practical tips for getting started, what to include and how to respond to children’s questions as they complete their Lifebooks.

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