Lifebook for Children Returning Home from Foster Care

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My Awesome Life, customized for children returning home from foster care, includes an additional section, Going Home.

Answer Questions About Returning Home

  • Pages like “Going Home Plan” provide a safe way to share alternative perspectives on why the child is returning home.
  • Children explore how home will be different through pages like “When I Think About Living with Mom/Dad.”

Keep Track of Important Friends and Memories

  • Pages like “Staying in Touch” offers a central place to store contact information for important bonds made during foster care.
  • Fill-in-the-blank format makes it easy for children to complete.
  • Attach photos and write down memories for birth and foster families.

Build Self-Esteem

  • Children discover their strengths through pages like “I am Special.”
  • Pages like “My Firsts” celebrate the child’s achievements.

Lifebooks Help Reestablish Bond between Birth Mother and Child

Foster parent Jennifer Shaw explains how the Lifebook helped a child bond with her birth mother:

“We took lots of pictures, so her mom could see who she lived with and the things she did. I think it helped her bond with her mom, and it helped her mom to know that her daughter really had been safe in care.”

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