Everyday Hero

Pr. Brian Wise is an athlete and a giver. When he began training for a triathlon, he wanted to find a human service organization with which to partner to raise funds and awareness. LSSI was the first that came to mind.

"I have had the honor to experience LSSI's support for several different communities over the years," said Wise, the Associate Pastor at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Naperville. "I've always been so proud that this is an expression of our church and faith."

Pr. Wise took a special interest in LSSI's Mobile Crisis team. He created a personal online fundraising page through LSSI to help people raise money for programs that are important to them. Pr. Wise used the program in conjunction with his triathlon training. He raised over $4,300 toward LSSI's Mobile Crisis Team!

"When I learned that LSSI wanted to further their depth of care for people struggling with mental health through the Mobile Crisis Team, I knew that this would have a positive impact on our community and that it would save lives," he said. "LSSI's personalized online giving pages and the Compassion on Tap event have connected my church and friends to causes that are near and dear to my heart. I look forward to seeing how LSSI will continue to reflect God’s love through caring ministries like this!"

Want to create a personalized fundraising page to benefit an LSSI program? Contact Mariah Heinz at 847.635.4656 or Mariah.Heinz@LSSI.org.

Pr. Wise holds his triathlon medal