A History of Partnership with LSSI

Trinity Lutheran Church, Moline, is a congregation making an impact. For years, the church has partnered with LSSI to help provide services and care for people in the Quad Cities and throughout Illinois.

Along with the church's collective impact, there is also a history of individual service. Church members have served in leadership capacities on various LSSI boards and teams over the years. Currently, church member Karen Dowsett serves on the LSSI Board of Trustees while Tom Ribbeck is a trustee of LSSI's Cornerstone Foundation.

"Trinity has had a long history of partnership with LSSI," said Trinity Pastor Rev. Lawrence Conway III. "In addition to financial support, Trinity started the Intouch program in Moline that later became a part of LSSI."

The church continues to support LSSI and its programs. The congregation recently began hosting LSSI's regional office for foster care services in their building, which allows LSSI to spend more resources serving children.

"We are very grateful for the opportunity to partner with Trinity Lutheran to provide services to children and families in the Quad Cities," said Ruth Jajko, LSSI's Vice President of Children’s Community Services. "With stagnant funding from the state, we have to be creative in holding the line on expenses. Renting workspace is a big expense. The partnership with Trinity Lutheran allows us to provide safe, comfortable workspace for staff, while also being good stewards of our limited resources."