Mission Work Close to Home

In 2010, St. John's Lutheran Church-Somonauk faced a challenge—they wanted to actively engage in mission work, but had no avenue to do so. They formed a Mission Committee, and under the guidance of congregant Tom Martin, their programs are thriving, with LSSI as a key beneficiary of their efforts.

After several projects, the group's passion was truly sparked following a tour of LSSI's Nachusa campus. Members used their individual talents to do hands-on work at Nachusa, including painting and building. They hold offerings for the site and run drives for household items children on campus need.

"We came to appreciate how much LSSI does from the tour," Martin said. "When it comes to children, there's certainly a connection there [with St. John’s]."

St. John's also has begun partnering with Redeemer Lutheran Church-Park Ridge to provide ministry to inmates at Stateville prison and participating in LSSI's Storybook Project, collecting books and recording incarcerated fathers reading to their children.

St. John's members now contribute to over 15 mission projects with time or tithing. When a large project is underway, nearly half of the congregation is playing a role. "Inside every one of us there is a spirit that wants to help people," Martin said. "I believe that we have helped change some lives out there, and that's rewarding in itself."

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