Kathy Nelson: Helping Others Feel They Matter

Kathy Nelson was first drawn to LSSI while at a presentation given by a behavioral health counselor from the organization. "What stuck with me was the enthusiasm and passion this woman had about the ministry. It was exhilarating," Nelson said. "She made me feel like I had something to give. I wanted to support that ministry so that others could feel like they mattered."

In order to bring more awareness of LSSI to the area, her church, First Lutheran, partnered with two others in Geneseo to bring in programs and speakers from LSSI, resulting in a counseling center opening in First Lutheran's former parsonage. That was in the 1970s. Nelson has served on a volunteer advisory committee, as well as the Cornerstone Board. Her specialties are outreach and advocacy, having spoken at over 40 outreach events and attended almost every Lutheran Day.

Volunteering with LSSI "opens your eyes to see clients’ pain and heartache," Nelson said. "Supporting a program that can alleviate that pain so that suffering doesn’t dominate their lives is amazing."

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