Partnership Increases Access to Primary Care and Behavioral Health Services

LSSI, one of the largest statewide providers of social services, and Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness, one of Illinois’ largest Federally Qualified Health Centers, are collaborating to increase community access to primary care and behavioral health services in Chicago’s Portage Park and Belmont Cragin neighborhoods.

Aunt Martha’s staff will provide services for youth and adults at LSSI’s Portage Cragin Counseling Center on Chicago’s northwest side. This will allow LSSI to seamlessly connect its behavioral health clients to Aunt Martha’s primary medical care, nursing, and psychiatric services onsite. The partnership further offers community residents expanded options for primary health care and behavioral health services in one location. “Through our evidence-based approach to whole-person care, coupled with our shared mission to build the well-being of individuals and communities, we are confident our partnership will impact the community positively,” said Raul Garza, President & CEO of Aunt Martha’s.“Health and human service providers have a responsibility to improve the health and well-being of their community,” said Mark A. Stutrud, President and CEO of LSSI. “This integrated approach provides whole-person, whole-family care.”

As of this writing, renovations to add the primary health care offices at the Portage Cragin Counseling Center were being completed.