Comfort Bags Provide Caring First Step


When considering the complex and multi-level process of recovery, staff at LSSI’s Addiction Treatment Center-Sterling know firsthand that people often start recovery with little more than a resolve to find sobriety. This is especially true for adults leaving jail for residential treatment. To assist, the office provides comfort backpacks to individuals seeking treatment. The bags include sweats, underwear, personal care items, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) references, and a journal. This simple gesture demonstrates committed support.
“When people come to seek help or are exiting jail, they most likely have nothing,” said Skip Dettman, Program Director at LSSI’s Addiction Treatment Center-Sterling. “When we provide them with the backpacks, even though it feels small, they’re so grateful.”

Even though it feels small, they’re so grateful


In distributing the comfort bags, LSSI collaborates with local law enforcement and Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery. Philanthropic contributions from Trinity Lutheran Church, Lanark, and others help with funding to purchase the bags and contents.

LSSI’s consistent initiative to fill needs in the community is not only a service but gives individuals the chance to put their lives back together with support by their side. “At LSSI, we treat the whole person,” said Deb Cervantes, Case Manager/Counselor at Sterling. “I think it’s important to treat the community as a whole, too.”