Sterling Addiction Treatment: Serving the Whole Community

A lot of positive energy radiates from behind the doors of LSSI’s Addiction Treatment Center-Sterling, where staff focus on the whole person and not just a client’s addiction.

LSSI’s whole-person approach has resulted in new services being added, such as a substance use treatment program with the Whiteside County Jail as well as new mental health services, including individual counseling and at-risk counseling at five area high schools.

Positive energy is needed to provide the many services available at the Sterling office. Programs serve six counties and include outpatient substance use treatment; mental health services; partnerships with the federal probation office, Whiteside County Jail, and the Whiteside County State’s Attorney’s Deferred Prosecution Program; counseling and educational services at five area high schools; Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous; and internships for Sauk Valley Community College’s Nursing Program to name a few.

Skip Dettman, Director of Outpatient Services, said part of the expansion of programs is the result of being in tune with the community, including various partnerships like the Partnership for a Healthy Lee County, and listening to the clients themselves. “Clients came to us saying ‘Do you think you could help us with this?’” she said. “The director of our local homeless shelter called to tell me there were women in need of mental health services. That’s how it evolves.”

Dettman is particularly proud of LSSI’s Substance Use Treatment Program at the Whiteside County Jail. “They get started with their treatment, and by the time they get to parole, they’re ahead of the game,” she said, adding many of these clients begin using outpatient treatment.

“People underestimate the population with drug and alcohol problems in this area,” said Deb Cervantes, Counselor/Case Manager. “We have the opportunity to create a foundation of support.”