LSSI Celebrates 153 Years!

On October 31, 1867, in the town of Berlin, Illinois (now Swedona), the doors of an orphanage opened to receive its first ward, young Edward from Galesburg. The home was for children left orphaned by a cholera epidemic that swept through northwestern Illinois. When Edward crossed the threshold, that small step marked the beginning of a long history of service to people and communities across Illinois that continues today. LSSI is proud to celebrate the 153rd anniversary of its founding!

"LSSI has a history that sets it apart from other organizations. At the same time, the history binds the current participants in a bond of gratitude and with a challenge to pass on to others that which has been received from the past. There is an understanding that what has been received has been given to be nurtured and enhanced and shaped to fit the needs of the present day." -Rev. John Peterson in LSSI's A History of Service .