Responding in Crisis

"As anyone can imagine, doing this job amidst the scare of COVID-19, in a setting with extremely high exposure, the stress is palpable," said Julia Sobaski, Project IMPACT Supervisor, Community First Medical Center.

LSSI's Project IMPACT crisis mental health counselors and social workers are essential workers in every sense. Any employee with cold symptoms cannot work and could be sent home for many days. Emergency department physicians and nurses depend on Project IMPACT counselors to evaluate and place patients needing psychiatric care quickly to keep the ER available for patients who may need COVID-19 testing and acute medical care.

As awareness about the crisis in Illinois grew, Project IMPACT workers answered the call immediately. Staff offered to work extra shifts for coworkers worried about their own exposure, those unable to work while being sick, or those who needed to stay home with children. "I am inspired by their strength and resilience through this tough time," Sobaski said of her colleagues.

This is one of many examples of LSSI's "healing heroes" who live out LSSI's mission to bring healing, justice, and wholeness to people and communities.

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