Services for People on the Road to Recovery

Upon completing her stay at a residential treatment program for alcoholism, Amy Zagroba, 48, took a rideshare straight to the door of the Healthy Start Recovery Home, part of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI). Since that day over a year ago, Zagroba has used a variety of LSSI's services that help people start and maintain their sobriety.

Housed in LSSI's Kenmore Addiction Treatment Center - Chicago, the Healthy Start Recovery Home assists people actively seeking to obtain or maintain a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

"Our Healthy Start Recovery Home is important to our clients' sobriety because they need a safe living environment where they can integrate back into society," said Frank Harris, LCSW, CADC, LSSI's Associate Executive Director for Home and Community Services.

Zagroba had a stable career and family. She didn't start drinking alcoholically until her 40s. Her drinking went from having a few drinks occasionally to drinking every day, all day.

"When you get sober, you get a lot of clarity," Zagroba said. "It wasn't an epiphany, it was factual. Everything I’ve done since then has been to work on being sober."

Zagroba benefitted from a continuity of care LSSI's programs offer. She lived in the Healthy Start Recovery Home before moving to one of LSSI's sober living apartments. She continues Outpatient Treatment.

"I still do one-on-ones with my counselor," she said. "I stay very connected with LSSI, but I feel much more like a self-sufficient, independent adult." Group and individual counseling support her recovery and provide an objective perspective. Seeing clients as more than just a diagnosis is a component of LSSI's whole person care.

"LSSI really pushed me on the path to recovery," said Zagroba.

"Whole person care is important in that addiction and other chronic conditions our clients face don't happen in a vacuum," said Harris. "Addiction is really no respecter of persons. It has no particular face. So, to see our clients' wounds heal, that's beyond words."

Learn more about Amy's recovery story in this video.

Amy Zagroba