Decades of Support for LSSI

Luther Memorial Church, Chicago, has been committed to LSSI's mission since their pastor was named to the LSSI Board of Directors in 1967. In the decades that followed, the congregants of Luther Memorial have given steadfastly of their time and treasure to support LSSI’s programs.

Church member Dixie Downes was a longtime employee at LSSI, from 1975 through her retirement in 2015. During her 40 years at LSSI, and even after she retired, she cared deeply about the organization and has been very active in connecting her church with LSSI's mission. Congregation members have visited various LSSI program sites that serve the church's community, including LSSI's Addiction Treatment Center. Over the years, congregation members have donated baby bibs, children's books for the Storybook Project prison ministry, and items for welcome kits for children in foster care. They also have been steadfast in their philanthropic support of LSSI.

Downes said that the most meaningful part of her involvement with LSSI has been seeing Luther Memorial congregation members join in her efforts to support LSSI. When the state of Illinois experienced a budget impasse that affected LSSI, Luther Memorial advocated on LSSI's behalf. "I urged people to contact their legislators, and people responded," she said. Luther Memorial's group effort made to support LSSI, on the part of the congregation and the Women of the ELCA, was truly inspiring.

"LSSI is an integral part of the Lutheran church in Illinois," Downes said. "It's our duty to support their work."

Pictured above: Luther Memorial congregations members (from left) Vicki Thoms, Dixie Downes, and Linda Miranda, collect books for LSSI's Storybook Project.