LSSI Connect: A Vital Resource

Posted on: December 8, 2021 | Categories: inspired, mental health services | Featured in the December 2021 issue of Inspired


People can now access LSSI’s Behavioral Health Services through LSSI Connect—833.610.5774—a direct resource number formerly known as Central Intake. LSSI’s professional staff offer compassionate, convenient help for people to access services. The number also enables people to activate mobile crisis services on Chicago’s northwest side.

Supervisor Melanie Fonseca, one of four LSSI Connect staff, might be the person to answer a call. “We’re the first point of contact,” Fonseca said. “We connect people to the resources they need.”

LSSI received grant funding last year from the Chicago Department of Public Health to support awareness efforts for the behavioral health services resourced by LSSI Connect. These programs can vary but include mobile crisis services, counseling and therapy, school-based counseling, mental health group homes, substance use treatment, and services for adults with developmental disabilities.

LSSI Connect staff are prepared for any type of call. Someone could be in an immediate crisis or looking for a first step in finding help. “Over time you gain an understanding of what the call could be,” Fonseca explained. “We do try and decompress with each other. It’s great having a team.”

If a caller needs services beyond what LSSI provides, the LSSI Connect team can help offer the most appropriate resources. “We are whole-person oriented, doing what’s best for the client,” said Nora Hilton,

MSW LCSW, Central Intake Supervisor. “We try to prioritize everyone.”

Emily Gaus, a 2021 Valparaiso University Calling and Purpose in Society (CAPS)Fellow, contributed this story.