What is a Lifebook?

Preview of Lifebook Page: The Path of My Life

A Child's Life Story

Children in foster care frequently lose track of where they have lived. A Lifebook is a place to keep track of their placement histories, achievements, and important relationships.

Preview of Lifebook Page: Fears and Worries

A Tool to Process Difficulties

Lifebooks provide journaling pages with questions that allow children to express thoughts, feelings, and ask questions about their lives. These pages help children understand their pasts.

Preview of Lifebook Page: I Am...Special

A Self-Esteem Builder

Lifebooks contain pages focused on the child’s strengths like “I am SPECIAL.” Filling out these pages help children discover their unique positive qualities and abilities.

Preview of Lifebook Page: My Mother

A Connection to Birth Families

Children learn more about their birth families through pages like “My Mother.” Lifebooks also provide spots for children to attach photos of their birth families.