Lifebook for Children in Foster Care

Price: $18.95

Includes 3 sections:

  • About Me
  • My Family
  • Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going

This Lifebook is appropriate for children currently in foster care. Once the child’s permanency plan is decided, easily add a new chapter by purchasing our Going Home section or My Adoption section.

Keep Track of Important Memories

  • Fill-in-the-blank format makes it easy for children to complete.
  • Record placement history with the “Path of My Life” section.
  • Attach photos and write down memories of birth and foster families.
  • An extra envelope is included to store items that don’t fit anywhere else.

Answer Questions About Birth Family

  • Pages like “Why I Don’t Live With My Mother or Father” offer the opportunity for children to explore questions and reasons why they are in foster care.
  • Pages like “What Others Say” provide a safe way to share alternative perspectives on why the child is in foster care.

Build Self-Esteem

  • Children discover their strengths through pages like “I am Special.”
  • Pages like “My Firsts” celebrate the child’s achievements.

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