Craft Meaningful Life Stories

Help Foster Children Make Sense of Their Lives

Lifebooks for Children in Foster Care

  • Designed for children in foster care
  • Builds self-esteem by celebrating strengths & achievements
  • Explores reasons for being in foster care in a non-threatening way
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Lifebooks for Children Returning from Foster Care

  • Improves coping skills by exploring how returning home will be different
  • Shares alternative perspectives on returning home in a safe way
  • Expands the child’s support network by storing contact information for important bonds made during foster care
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Lifebooks for Children Adopted from Foster Care

  • Helps children appreciate both birth and adoptive families by recognizing the good qualities of both families
  • Improves coping skills by providing an appropriate outlet for expressing feelings about adoption
  • Offers creative ways to learn more about the adoptive family
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Why Do Children in Foster Care Need Lifebooks?

Fill in the Gaps

Children in foster care may have lived in several homes. Without a written record, it’s easy to forget what occurred during previous placements.

Reshape Life Stories

Frequently, children blame themselves for separation from their birth families. Lifebooks help children understand that they are not the reason for being in foster care.

Transcend Setbacks

Lifebooks give children a picture of where they have been and where they are now.

Find Purpose in Life

Overcoming the past helps children focus on achieving dreams and life goals.

Lifebooks Build Self-Esteem

Adoptive parent Rebecca describes the shift in Lexi’s attitude after Lifebook work. Lexi used to say that nobody wanted her. Lifebook work exposed Lexi to letters from previous foster families. These letters demonstrated that people had loved and cared for her for all her life.

Lifebooks Help Foster Children Reconnect with People

Clarissa shares how Lifebook work led to her reunion with her brother. She had been separated from her brother for 5 years.