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Inspired, October 2018 issue
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A History of Partnership with LSSI

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Pastor Brian Wise

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A Letter from the CEO

Greater Positive Impact

Photo of Mark A. Stutrud, President and CEO

Dear Friends,

This is the time of the year that is traditionally known as the season of giving—it also marks the 151st anniversary of LSSI's founding, so I am doubly grateful!

LSSI has faced many turning points in our history. We are at one now as we ask the question, "How can we have greater positive impact in the lives of others?" The answer, we've found, is viewing our work with the whole person—we must strive to view people in their wholeness.

Turning points like these present both opportunities and challenges! Through technology and research innovations, we have more information relating to care and service than ever before, and we must use this information to promote the dignity of each individual we serve—the whole person.

In caring for the whole person, we must go beyond the good work of providing safety, shelter, food, and clothing. When we strive to view the whole person, just as God does, we clearly see more that we can do to surround people with supports to build and enhance life!

Our whole person approach can be seen in the programs profiled here. Handfuls of Hope reaches beyond providing a place to live for adults with developmental disabilities—it offers employment and income opportunities. Our School-Based Counseling Program meets children in their own schools—to provide critical mental health counseling, essential to their academic success.

We are grateful for your support that builds our capacity to serve the whole person by helping not only to build lives but encourage individuals to reach their potential in contributing to their communities.

In Faith,

Signature of Mark A. Stutrud, President and CEO

Mark A. Stutrud
President and Chief Executive Officer

Combined Federal Campaign: Show Some Love!

Show Some Love

Are you a federal employee, contractor, or retiree?

If so, you can give to LSSI through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)! It's as easy as filling out your giving form with LSSI’s CFC code 59343 and a portion of your paycheck will be distributed to LSSI throughout the year. For more information, contact Jillian Madden, Director of Corporate and Foundation Giving,