Senior Companion Care

Thanks to our Senior Companion Care, clients can safely leave the house

Intouch’s elderly companionship care provides a friend, someone to listen, to talk to, to share memories with. Companions also may perform simple household tasks and help ensure a safe environment. Our goal is to give full-time caregivers respite, while being their eyes and ears to update them on their loved one in case additional care is needed. Inquire today to find a loving companion who will safeguard your loved one.

Intouch Home Care Aide provides compassionate senior companion care services

Interacting with a Companion Improves Your Loved One’s Quality of Life

Studies have shown the importance of continued social activity throughout life. Intouch’s senior companion care keeps your loved one socially and cognitively active by engaging with him or her.

Some of the ways we can partner with your loved one are:

  • Encouraging and assisting in wellness activities
  • Holding engaging and stimulating conversations to combat depression and stress
  • Playing games, doing puzzles, etc. to keep cognitive ability active
  • Transportation to social events, visiting friends, and local shopping to stay socially active
  • Preparation and sharing of a meal together
  • Chronicling and organizing memories and photos
For most of our clients, our home care aides become part of the family

Our Caring Companions Protect Your Family

We understand your concern for your parents and loved ones, especially if you struggle to see them every day. Intouch provides a daily update on your loved one. With permission, we will inform you and/or any medical professionals on the condition of your loved one. Let us be your partner in the care for the ones you love.

Intouch clients have the opportunity to safely leave the house

Companion Care Enables Your Loved One to Remain Independent

Remaining independent and staying active in the community is a strong priority for most older adults. Our senior companion care assists with the little things, which allows your loved one to remain independent in his or her home for as long as possible, delaying the need for additional services. Last year, 98% of Intouch clients reported that home care services helped them to continue living at home. Inquire today to see how we can help your loved one remain independent.

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