Recovery Care

Recovery Care provides assistance with daily living activities, which includes moving around the house

Intouch’s recovery care services work with you from the time you leave the hospital until you’re back on your feet. Our goal is for you to make a seamless transition back to everyday life after your hospitalization and to prevent a relapse. Inquire today to see how our home care services can advance your recovery.

Intouch provides supportive physical and emotional care for those who are returning from the hospital

Proper Care Speeds Recovery Time

Hospital readmission or slow recovery is often due to lack of proper support after hospitalization. A patient needs regular observation and supportive care. Intouch can be with you through this process every step of the way.

Intouch Home Care Aide provides recovery care by washing dishes

What Do Recovery Care Services Provide?

After hospitalization, some things will be difficult to do by yourself. Even performing simple tasks like cooking and dressing can be exhausting. The following are tasks that Intouch’s recovery services can assist you with:

  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Transferring assistance (moving from bed to chair, etc.)
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Be the eyes and ears for family and medical professionals (with consent)
Intouch is here to support you through your recovery

Don’t Go Through Your Recovery Alone

Post-hospitalization recovery is a physically and mentally demanding process that no one should go through alone. Let Intouch assist you through the recovery process.

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