Personal Care

Intouch's Personal Care Services have improved this man's emotional well-being

Intouch understands the importance of maintaining one’s dignity, even when it becomes difficult to complete the tasks necessary to sustain personal health and hygiene. Our personal care services provide assistance for daily living, hygiene, and cleanliness, while promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellness. We can help you with bathing and grooming, mobility assistance, using the bathroom, and preparing and enjoying a meal. Inquire today to see how we can help.

Intouch Home Care Aide brushes a client's hair

Personal Care Services Maintain Dignity

As we age, simple tasks such as bathing, toileting, and incontinence care can become difficult to do on our own. Our Intouch Home Care Aides will provide assistance with this, and other aspects of daily hygiene, so that your loved one may stay clean, comfortable, and confident.

Personal Care also includes assistance with physical activity

Intouch's Care Promotes General Wellness

Along with specific instances of personal care, Intouch also works to provide general wellness to our clients. This can include monitoring diet and help with eating, assisting with physical activity and walking, and promoting cognitive functioning by playing games, talking about family, and discussing current events. We enjoy choosing an outfit your loved one will love wearing, drying and combing hair, and bathing. Your Home Care Aide can pick up prescriptions and even provide reminders of when to take medications.

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