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For more than 140 years, LSSI and its predecessors have developed creative responses to human needs that were beyond the ability of any single congregation to address. Partnerships with congregations throughout Illinois help LSSI advance our shared mission to bring “healing, justice, and wholeness to people and communities.” We invite you to explore these opportunities to connect with LSSI and the people we serve.

“LSSI Sunday” is a program where an LSSI representative comes to preach and teach at an adult forum, or similar setting. To schedule one, contact Susan Greeley at 847.635.4617 or at

Lutheran Disaster Response-Illinois

Hurricane Updates

Lutheran Disaster Response – Illinois (LDR), which is a program of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, has been supporting the recovery efforts of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We partner with many other organizations that do disaster work to help communities in the recovery process. Recovery takes a long time, so here is how you can get involved:

  1. Monetary Donations: Cash is the best way to donate. It is fluid, there is no cost to transport it and the communities can purchase exactly what they need in the right quantities to help survivors. We are supporting these LSS organizations in recovery:

    • Following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that has affected millions of Texans, Lutheran Services in America member Upbring is poised to help Texas families rebuild their lives. Upbring is attempting to raise $200,000 with 100% of the funds going directly to help families adversely affected by Harvey. Donate to support Upbring.

    • Lutheran Services Florida Disaster Response brings immediate aid and ongoing assistance to help people rebuild their homes and their lives. In the short term, LSF ensures that communities aren’t abandoned following the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster. In the long term, the organization helps in the recovery effort with our neighbors. Donate to support Lutheran Services Florida.

    • Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands provides immediate and long term relief to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in times of major disasters. Response support is activated to coordinate relief throughout the Territory, including emergency shelter, counseling, food delivery and home reconstruction. Donate to support Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands.

  2. Do not self-deploy: Many of us watching tragedy unfold on TV want to physically go down to the affected area to volunteer. We ask that you don't. A recovery effort can be overwhelmed with well-intentioned volunteers. There will be opportunities for volunteers down the road. Please be patient.

LDR Illinois offers workshops on individual preparedness, church preparedness, as well as how churches can get involved in disaster response. If your congregation is interested in hosting, please contact or 847.635.4653.

Good Shepherd Sunday

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