LSSI's foster and specialized foster care services help keep families together

Frequently Asked Questions about Foster Care

What is Foster Care?

Foster care is the temporary placement of a child in a new home away from his/her family due to abuse or neglect. Placement in a foster home protects the child while working with the birth family towards the ultimate goal of returning the child home. When it is not possible to return a child home safely, a new goal of adoption may be sought.

What are the different types of foster care?

There are three kinds of foster care offered through LSSI:

  • Traditional Foster Care (both relative and non-relative homes)
  • Specialized Foster Care for children with serious medical, emotional, or behavioral problems;
  • Therapeutic Foster Care, serving children 6-14 with a history of trauma and/or severe behavioral challenges.

How do I become a foster parent?

Call 888.322.5774 or email to talk to a member of our foster care team. You will be referred to the LSSI office closest to your home. Our staff will get to know you and guide you through the Foster Parent application process. We support Foster Parents every step of the way, from becoming licensed to welcoming children into your home. Many LSSI offices hold orientation meetings for prospective foster parents to learn more about the process. Ask the foster care team member about attending one.

What about adoption?

If efforts to reunify children with their birth families are unsuccessful, foster parents may be asked to consider adopting their foster children. However, it is important that all foster parents realize that the first goal for almost all children is reunification with their birth family. Foster parents must be able to support those efforts.

Many children in need of permanency through adoption are older or are siblings who need to be placed together.

LSSI believes in openness in adoption. This allows birth parents and adoptive parents to share information about each other and have the option of establishing some level of personal relationship.

Adoption support and preservation services are offered to families following the legal completion of all adoptions.