Mobile Mental Health Crisis Team

Are you or someone you know having a mental health crisis? Call 773.561.5809773.561.5809.

If you are on the north side of Chicago, you can speak to member of our Mobile Crisis Team. We serve all individuals, insured, or uninsured. Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Additionally, we provide services based on LSSI's Safety Protocols.

Our Mobile Crisis Program travels to individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis. This program serves adults (18+) on the north/northwest side of Chicago. You don’t have to go to the Emergency Room and wait for hours. We can come to you!

Please call 911 if the person has harmed themselves, attempting to harm others, or acting violent.

Are You in Our Service Area?

In the map below, type your address in the box that says "Type your address here." Then hit the enter key on your keyboard. If your address appears within the orange shaded area, then you are in our service area.

Service Area Boundaries:

  • North: Howard Street
  • East: Lake Michigan
  • West: Austin Avenue
  • South: North Avenue

What to Expect:

  1. After speaking with our Mobile Crisis Intake, LSSI's crisis workers will arrive at the individual's location within 60 minutes to provide emotional support.
  2. Crisis workers listen to the individual in crisis, learn about the events that led up to the crisis, and will counsel the individual to help them return to a more stable mind frame.
  3. The Crisis Workers will then determine the next best course of action with the individual. This could include inpatient hospitalization or follow-up with outpatient services.
  4. Crisis workers will also link the individual to services to help avoid future crises.

What Is a Mental Health or Addiction Crisis?

If you or someone you know are experiencing any of the following:

  • Talking about or thinking of hurting themselves (suicidal) or harming others (homicidal)
  • Struggling to keep up with hygiene that is unusual, such as brushing teeth and showering
  • Irregular sleep patterns; unexplained periods of exhaustion or inability to sleep for days at a time
  • Extreme moodiness or agitation; quick tempered, "short fuse"
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol
  • Harming self, such as cutting or burning
  • Isolation, such as missing school or work, cutting off family and friends
  • Seems to be preparing for a departure; giving away personal belongings, saying "goodbye," giving away pets, tying up "loose ends"
  • Seeing or hearing things that nobody else does; hallucinating
  • Paranoia and suspicion; feeling like everyone is "out to get them"