LSSI client participating in a group therapy life skills class


Group Therapy and Skill Building

Wellness and recovery are different for everyone. Some people need to learn new skills or how to cope with anxiety, while others may need help rebuilding life skills or need help connecting with friends. Journeys works with individuals to build life and social skills through groups, real-life situations, and individual consultation.

Call 833.610.LSSI (5774)833.610.LSSI (5774) for questions or to schedule an appointment.

Journeys Helps Clients Improve:

  • Concentration, problem solving, planning, and organization
  • Life skills like laundry, meal-planning, and budgeting
  • Health and fitness, coping with symptoms, mindfulness
  • Connection to friends/community, communication
  • Management of doctors' appointments and medication

Journeys can work alongside of your counseling/therapy, or can be a support on its own. The program is personalized and clients can choose the groups they would like to attend. The program is staffed by social workers/counselors who are supervised by a licensed occupational therapist. Services may be provided in a virtual group format or via telehealth.

Journeys has helped me learn more about myself and to keep moving forward. It has taught me perseverance and to never give up.

Journeys Can Help:

  • Adults who feel that their mental health symptoms get in the way of living their life
  • Adults who cannot break the cycle of their challenging mental health symptoms
  • Young adults (18+) who struggle with mental health symptoms and who need help learning life skills for greater independence
  • Adults with a mental health diagnosis who have never lived on their own

How Are These Services Covered?

  • Medicaid
  • Managed Care

For more information, call 833.610.LSSI (5774)833.610.LSSI (5774).