Portrait of a counselor, who works in LSSI's Step Up School Counseling program, in front of William Howard Taft High School in Chicago, IL


Counseling Services in Schools

Does your child or teen need extra emotional support in school? Maybe they're dealing with bullying, issues at home and in the family, or struggling with mental health symptoms. Or maybe you've noticed a change, such as a drop in grades or lost interest in attending school or extracurricular activities.

Help is available for your child or teen.

LSSI Social Workers and Counselors provide support to students in 58 different Chicago Public Schools. Our staff work closely with teachers, guardians, primary care physicians, and other therapists to provide the best support to the child/teen possible during school hours. Services are offered in English and Spanish.

See if LSSI is currently contracted with your child/teen's school.

Services Include:

  • Telehealth services are available
  • Individual counseling (for the student)
  • Family therapy (we will meet outside of school hours to work with the whole family)
  • Emotional Support during periods of anxiety (like test taking)
  • Skill Building (help with organizing, building coping skills, and self-esteem)

For Children and Adolescents Who:

  • Are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, and other mental illness
  • Are experiencing bullying
  • Are struggling with behavior in school or at home
  • Working through trauma

How Are These Services Covered?

  • Medicaid
  • Medicaid Managed Care
  • School funding, if uninsured

LSSI's Step-Up Program is Offered at the Following Chicago Public Schools:

  • Alessandro Volta Elementary School
  • Austin College & Career Academy
  • Beaubien Elementary School
  • Belding Elementary School
  • Boone Elementary School
  • Brentano Math & Science Academy
  • Brunson Elementary School
  • Carl Schurz High School
  • Chopin Elementary School
  • Daniel Boone Elementary School
  • Edgebrook Elementary School
  • Frank W. Reilly Elementary School
  • Frederick Funston Elementary School
  • Friedrich Jahn Public School
  • Friedrich W. von Stueben Metropolitan Science High School
  • Garvy Elementary School
  • Haugan Elementary School
  • Hay Elementary School
  • James B. Farnsworth Elementary School
  • John Palmer Elementary School
  • Johann W. von Goethe Elementary School
  • Jonathan Y. Scammon Elementary School
  • LaSalle Language Academy
  • Leland Elementary School
  • Linne Elementary School
  • Mary Lyon Elementary School
  • Nash Elementary School
  • New Field Elementary School
  • Newton Bateman Elementary School
  • Northwest Middle School
  • Ogden-Jenner International School of Chicago
  • Patrick Henry Elementary School
  • Peter A. Reinberg Elementary School
  • Portage Park Elementary School
  • Prussing Elementary School
  • Rufus M. Hitch Elementary School
  • Spencer Elementary School
  • Walt Disney Magnet Elementary School
  • Walter L. Newberry Math & Science Academy
  • Washington D. Smyser Elementary School
  • Wells High School
  • Westinghouse High School
  • William E. Dever Elementary School
  • William Howard Taft High School
  • William P. Gray Elementary School

Don't see your school? Your child/teen's school may offer a similar program but contract with another provider. Ask your school social worker or administration to learn more.