Residents outside of Washington Place in Beardstown, IL

Homes for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities & Weight Conditions (CILA)

LSSI offers 3 homes for adults (18+ years) with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities who require regulation of food, are obese, or have been diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) or related conditions. Staff provide supervision around food, nutritious meal planning, and an exercise program. These supports help individuals struggling with food concerns to live healthy, productive lifestyles.

We also believe that residents are more than their weight, disorder, or syndrome. We help each person develop their unique strengths and goals. Our program also provides a roadmap to successful community living. We encourage residents to live to their fullest potential.

Please call 833.610.LSSI (5774) 833.610.LSSI (5774) to see if our CILA Homes are right for you or your loved one.

All of LSSI’s CILA Homes are licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services. LSSI’s CILA programs are relicensed every 3 years by the Illinois Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure, and Certification. Our CILA programs received a score of 94.4 on our most recent state audit.

Our daughter has a chance at happiness, a healthful life, and to live up to her potential once again. We are so very thankful.
-Vicky P., mother of a resident at Washington Place

The Residences

Exterior photo of Washington Place in Beardstown, IL

Dixon Home - Dixon, Illinois

Located near the Rock River, Dixon Home is a 2-story Victorian residence located in a charming neighborhood. During the week, residents attend a local developmental training program, which is within walking distance.

  • Number of Residents: 8
  • Occupancy Type: Double rooms
  • Amenities: Exercise room, recreational room, large porch with chairs
  • Activities: Attend local high school sporting events, river walks, local festivals, neighborhood walks, attend church, movie nights, and attend local dances.
Exterior photo of Fox Hill in Aurora, IL

Fox Hill - Aurora, Illinois

Fox Hill is 2-story home located in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to community activities near downtown Aurora. Fox Hill works closely with local organizations for each resident’s day training needs.

  • Number of Residents: 6
  • Occupancy Type: Single rooms
  • Amenities: Exercise room, foosball table, basketball court
  • Activities: Neighborhood walks, outdoor activities, bowling, attend church, visit the library, social club meetings, movie nights, and arts/crafts.
Exterior photo of Fox Hill in Aurora, IL

Washington Place - Beardstown, Illinois

This pleasant home is located in rural Beardstown. It partners with 3 local workshops/day training centers and engages residents in an active community life.

  • Number of Residents: 7
  • Occupancy Type: Single rooms
  • Amenities: Exercise room, covered front porch with table and chairs
  • Activities: Visit the water park, go to the library, bowl, visit friends, and participate in the Special Olympics, and attend other local activities.

Schedule a Tour

Please call 833.610.LSSI (5774) 833.610.LSSI (5774) to schedule a tour at any of our CILA Homes.