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My Faith

  • "My Faith" is LSSI's first-of-its-kind interfaith Lifebook section, designed to complement LSSI's Lifebook, "My Awesome Life."
  • "My Faith" includes pages that ask children to reflect on their spiritual lives, including what they are thankful for, how God helps them in their relationships and their aspirations for putting their faith into action.
  • Also included are pages where children can document facts about their place of worship, add pictures of religious holidays and celebrations, and recognize people who have influenced their faith development.
  • This special addition to LSSI's Lifebook is written from an interfaith perspective.  Illustrations include subtle references to major world religions. There is a mixture of open-ended questions and fill-in-the-blank prompts.
  • "My Faith" complements LSSI's basic Lifebook, "My Awesome Life."  "My Awesome Life" celebrates each child's unique, positive qualities and allows children to document information about their families and explore thoughts and feelings on pages such as:
    • I am SPECIAL
    • My Family Tree
    • Fears and Worries
  • "My Faith" adds exploration of the child's faith journey with pages such as:
    • How I Express My Faith
    • I Feel Close to God When
    • If I Could Write a Letter to God…
  • "My Faith" and "My Awesome Life" can be used by individual children or as part of religious education classes. 
  • Each illustrated page includes a touch of color, but also leaves characters and drawings that children can color in, because we have found that children listen longer and talk longer when their hands are busy coloring.

To see sample pages from "My Faith" click on each page

Allows children to document where they attend religious services.

Encourages children to express their gratitude

Celebrates how God helps children in their everyday relationships

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