LSSI Restructuring

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) recently announced program closures and staff cuts throughout Illinois due to the state's inability to pass a budget. LSSI created a plan to restructure its services and shore up resources for the viability and continuation of the organization.

So in conjunction with the difficult decision to close programs, and its impact on clients, employees and communities, LSSI is establishing a broader, long-term plan to help insure the organization's sustainability into the future.

We are grateful for the confidence our ELCA Illinois Synod Bishops have expressed in LSSI's commitment to our mission, which remains strong, and guides us to continue serving children, families, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and formerly incarcerated people in communities across Illinois.

Through the collective support of our partner churches and donors who have placed their trust in LSSI, we are committed to continuing our ministry.

Continuing services include:

  • mental health
  • alcohol and drug treatment
  • Head Start
  • service for at-risk families
  • residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities
  • foster care
  • affordable senior housing
  • home care
  • programs that help children maintain connections to their incarcerated parent

Contact Information for Inquiries

Media calls should be directed to Barb Hailey in Communications at 847.635.4686 or Pam Austin at 847.390.1494.

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