Connections Program

Through Connections, LSSI provides programs for incarcerated parents and their families. These services help keep parents who are incarcerated connect to their children and families, and assists returning citizens who are going back to their home in the Chicago area.

Visits to Mom

The Visits to Mom program provides free transportation to children whose mothers are incarcerated. Monthly bus trips are scheduled to Decatur and Logan Correctional Centers and each child has an opportunity to visit their mother up to 3-4 times per year.

Relatives as Parents Program (RAP)

Relatives as Parent (RAP) is a facilitated support group for caregivers that meets during the Visits to Mom trips. As mothers and their children bond without the caregiver present, RAP utilizes that time to provide support exclusively to caregivers.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services are provided to caregivers and to returning mothers as they are faced with chronic financial and personal challenges. As mothers return home, attaining stability is the most important goal, and it provides them the best chance to succeed. The re-entry work with the mother is an extension of the work that began with the family system while the mother was incarcerated.

Family Support Services also works with families who voluntarily sign up for the family reunification process. The program helps the family and returning women develop a “family reunification plan” which will lead to the successful integration of the women back into the family and community.

Re-entry Services

Reentry Services are provided to returning citizens who are returning to the Chicago area. The Connections program provides individual support, anger management, and counseling sessions. In addition, Connections also links formerly incarcerated individuals to community resources, such as food pantries, job-training programs, and substance abuse treatment services.

For more information on the Connections Program, please call 773.783.9516 or email