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Home Care Overview

Home Care Overview

Since 1981, Intouch Home Care Services, a program of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI), has made a difference to individuals and families throughout Illinois. We are dedicated to helping older adults maintain their lives in the community and in their homes.

In addition to providing help in one's home, we promote a sense of respect, compassion and deep appreciation for our clients. Older adults are a reservoir of knowledge, experience, love and faith. They serve as an example and inspiration to all of their friends and family, reminding us that life has meaning and purpose.

Intouch home care assistants perform a number of services for older adults to help them maintain their lives at home, along with providing companionship. These services include: helping with personal care (e.g., bathing and grooming), preparing meals, shopping for groceries, providing transportation to appointments and performing household tasks, including laundry.

Fred, an Intouch client in Peoria, says, "I have two ladies who come in, and they are truly a blessing. It's like having a good friend stop by and help you out. That might be more important than the dishes and the housecleaning."

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois' mission is to bring healing, justice and wholeness to people and communities.

Intouch Home Care Services fulfills LSSI's mission by:

  • Providing healing through an assessment of an individual's physical and mental status, and tailoring services to improve both quality of life and the person's sense of "belonging."
  • Ensuring that justice is present by treating all people equally, with compassion and concern. We promote a person's sense of dignity and self-worth.
  • Realizing wholeness by giving an individual the option of staying in his or her home, which helps maintain his or her independence and purpose in life.

Intouch Home Care Services maintains high standards:

  • Intouch Home Care assistants are fully insured and are carefully screened for integrity, including fingerprint background checks and Medicare fraud.
  • Intouch Home Care Assistants receive pre-service training, as well as ongoing annual training.
  • Supervisors of home care assistants maintain weekly contact with their staff, make regular personal visits to clients' homes and are available to address requests for changes in service.
  • LSSI is licensed by the State of Illinois.
  • LSSI is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).
  • Intouch is a certified provider for the Illinois Department on Aging's Community Care Program (CCP).
  • Intouch is a certified provider for the Illinois Department of Human Services - Division of Rehabilitation Services.
  • Intouch is a certified provider of the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA).