• Forget-Me-Not Spring Fling, Presented by the Women's Network

    May 2, 2015

    The Westin Chicago Northwest (New Location)
    400 Park Blvd.,
    Itasca, Illinois 60143

    Boutiques open at 9:30 a.m.
    Tickets: $75.00 • Student Tickets: $45.00

    Featuring a memorable intergenerational performance
    Act Your Age!
    Written & performed by Beth Urech

    Decades ago, Beth Urech produced the European premiere of A...My Name is Alice. Then she closed the stage door and created Speak for Yourself, Inc. to help speakers present themselves and their messages with confidence. Beth authored Speaking Globally and worked around the world. In 2003, she shed her corporate blazer to blaze a new life in Chicago. She started writing for herself, and the result is her solo show Act Your Age! which takes the audience on a delightfully crafted, verbally astonishing and heartfelt trip covering her 73 years in autobiographic moments of gentle, hilarious, and sometimes movingly sad drama. Perhaps most importantly, she challenges her audience to adventure into life’s dreams should they have the audacity so to do.

    For more information, call Ed Newton at 847.635.4656 or email