Church Engagement


LSSI collaborates with Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregations and members across Illinois. We work with church leaders to help them understand how their congregation carries out ministry every day through LSSI.

“LSSI Sunday” is a program where a top LSSI representative comes to preach and teach at an adult forum, or similar setting. To schedule one, contact Joy Medrano at 847.635.4653 or at

“Setting the Table” is a yearlong process where an LSSI professional consultant coaches a group of church leaders in developing a new social ministry in their local community. Contact The Rev. Daniel Schwick, Sr. Director, Church Engagement at 847.390.1418 or at for more information.

Lutheran Disaster Response-Illinois

Every congregation needs to have a disaster preparedness and response plan. Such a plan provides churches and with tools and insights to minimize damage in case of a disaster, and to thoughtfully plan for a response to numerous disaster scenarios. In addition, members of each congregation are trained to respond appropriately to disaster in nearby communities. Lutheran Disaster Response-Illinois is co-coordinated by LSSI and Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS).

For more information about Lutheran Disaster Response-Illinois, please contact Joy Medrano, director of volunteer engagement, at 847.635.4653 or at

Good Shepherd Sunday

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