Portage Cragin Counseling Center

LSSI’s Portage Cragin Counseling Center provides counseling, psychiatric treatment, and support services for children, individuals and families living on the northwest side of Chicago. Treatment services are centered on each individual’s needs and goals for the future, and remain flexible as life changes occur.

Services for Adults
  • Counseling with individual, family, and group sessions to help individuals improve their life choices, self-esteem, emotional control and relationships
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Monitoring by Board-Certified psychiatrists who treat severe symptoms of mental illness
  • Journeys, a group-oriented program that provides adults with severe mental illness a safe place to learn, practice, and integrate life skills that promote wellness and mental health recovery. Journeys teaches and reinforces skills that improve self-sufficiency and help individuals reach their potential.
  • Community Support Team provides long-term case management and support to persons whose severe mental illness has reduced their abilities to function in multiple areas of their lives. This includes maintaining a household, performing self-care activities, managing their health care and obtaining mental health services, coping with crises, and dealing with substance use. Program eligibility is determined by the Department of Mental Health.

For more information about mental health services, please call 773.282.7800.

Services for Children
  • Counseling, with individual, family and group sessions, that helps children express their emotions, improve their self-esteem and improve social and family relationships. Counseling also guides parents through issues related to their child’s symptoms and behaviors
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Monitoring by board-certified child psychiatrists who specialize in the unique treatment needs of children with severe symptoms of mental illness
  • Case Management/Support Services that provide mobile services for children and families at home, at school, and in the community. Case management addresses life stressors that impact family stability, a child’s safety, and his or her ability to function well at home, school, or with peers.
  • Project HOPE provides teens and young adults with a safe and inviting place to learn and practice new life skills that prepare them for the opportunities in adulthood. Project HOPE coaches youth through the everyday tasks of growing up and making decisions about their future. Project HOPE is funded through the generosity of individual donors and through a grant from the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation.

For more information about mental health services, please call 773.282.7800.

LSSI’s services are licensed by the Illinois Department of Mental Health and the Illinois Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure and Certification. LSSI accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and All-Kids insurances that are not affiliated with a managed care organization.

Building Family Foundations

Building Family Foundations (BFF) targets new moms on the northwest side of Chicago. Funded by an anonymous donor, BFF’s mission is to help new mothers and fathers by preparing them for parenthood and improving their parenting skills.

The BFF program is offered free of charge to LSSI clients, most of whom are high school students. Services include support groups that meet during school hours, teaching stress reduction through mindfulness, introducing new parents to appropriate benchmarks in child development, and individual case management.

For more information, call 773.282.7800, ext. 206.