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God's Care Workshop

Download God's Care Workshop FlyerGod's Care for Congregations in Times of Crisis Training is on Saturday, October 6. It is a training designed to help congregations respond effectively to crisis situations.

Church Engagement

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"Engagement" means that it is LSSI's intention to develop and sustain collaborative relationships with ELCA congregations and members across Illinois. It means that we will work with congregational leaders to help them understand how their congregation carries out ministry every day through LSSI. The primary vehicle is an "LSSI Sunday,” during which a top representative from LSSI preaches and teaches an adult forum (or in a similar setting). To schedule an LSSI Sunday, please contact Joy Medrano at 847/635-4653, or

Engagement also means a deeper collaboration between LSSI and a congregation or cluster of congregations to strengthen the church's capacity to address local human needs. "Setting the Table" is a year-long process where an LSSI professional consultant coaches a group of church leaders in the development of new social ministry for their local community setting.

For more information about "Setting the Table," please contact Pr. Daniel Schwick, vice president of church and community services, at 847/390-1418, or at

Lutheran Disaster Response-Illinois
Every congregation needs to have a disaster preparedness and response plan. Such a plan provides churches with tools and insights to minimize damage in case of a disaster, and to thoughtfully plan for a response to numerous disaster scenarios. In addition, members of each congregation are trained to respond appropriately to disasters in nearby communities. Lutheran Disaster Response-Illinois is co-coordinated by LSSI and Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS).

For more information about Lutheran Disaster Response-Illinois, please contact: Joy Medrano, director of volunteer engagement, at 847/635-4653 or at