Pregnancy Counseling Services

Pregnancy Counseling Services

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) offers Pregnancy Counseling Services statewide, as well as a Birth Mothers Support Group in Peoria.

  • Pregnancy Counseling Services assist birth parents who are facing an unplanned pregnancy and desire help in deciding whether to parent or make an adoption plan. Birth parents who choose adoption for their child will have the opportunity to choose and meet the adoptive family. Services are available statewide.
  • Birth Mothers Support Group provides emotional support for birth mothers who make or have made an adoption plan for their child. For more information, contact Mary Wake at 309/671-0300, ext. 285; or

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888/671-0300 (toll-free) - Pregnancy Counseling


Frequently Asked Questions

What is pregnancy counseling?
Pregnancy counseling is an opportunity for birth mothers to meet with a caseworker who will help them explore options regarding planning for their expected child. It includes looking at the woman’s resources and plans for the future, contacting appropriate community resources and/or help with making an adoption plan.

What services does Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) offer in its pregnancy counseling program?
Pregnancy counseling with LSSI includes:

  • Confidential counseling at no charge to birth parents who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Guidance in exploring community resources.
  • Assistance with living expenses for birth parents.
  • If the plan is for adoption, LSSI can help the birth parent(s) select adoptive parents who have been prepared and licensed by LSSI. LSSI can also prepare and license a family that the birth parents know and want as the adoptive parents.
  • This is an outreach program that is available throughout Illinois, not just in the communities where an LSSI office is located. Caseworkers can meet with birth parents in their community.

Who makes the decisions?
The birth parents make decisions based on their own personal circumstances. If an adoption plan is being arranged, the birth parents are able to select an adoptive family and request the degree of ongoing communication with which they are most comfortable.

Does the birth father have rights?
The birth mother and the birth father share in the decision-making responsibility. Parenting or making an adoption plan usually works best, if the birth parents can talk with each other and agree on a plan. If one parent wants to make an adoptive plan and the other does not, the court may have to be involved. A caseworker can assist with this process.

Can I still have pregnancy counseling if my child has already been born?
Yes. Planning is easier if it is not rushed, but if a child is born and the birth parents are overwhelmed thinking about what to do, LSSI can still help. LSSI can provide counseling services even if the mother or father has been parenting the child for a while and become unsure that she or he has made the best decision.

What do I do first?
Call toll-free 888/671-0300, e-mail or visit