LifeBalanceSM a wellness ministry for faith communities


LifeBalance asks participants to examine the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, vocational, and financial arenas of their lives, through the perspective of their faith, their spiritual core.

This course is intended to help participants build on strengths and tackle behaviors and attitudes that participants would like to change to enhance their life balance and well-being.

The focus throughout the LifeBalance course is on the John 5:1-6 story of the healing of the sick man at the pool of Bethesda. The healing encounter begins with Jesus’ question, which is also an invitation: “Do you want to be made well?”


Using the “Wholeness Wheel,” which is used by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) Board of Pensions, LSSI developed the LifeBalance curriculum. Since 2007, LifeBalance has been implemented and tested within LSSI’s Senior Services programs, where it has focused on physical well-being among older adults to help them age in a healthy way.

LSSI is building on this experience to bring this wellness curriculum to congregations in Illinois and to adults of all ages.

The ELCA Social Statement “Caring for Health: Our Shared Endeavor” sets a pattern for this kind of curriculum. It says:

“A Christian perspective on health... shares the concern of the apostle Paul that ‘our spirit and soul and body be kept sound and blameless.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:23) This understanding of human wholeness means that concern for health should attend to the physical, mental, spiritual and communal dimensions of a person’s entire well-being. Health is good for its own sake; it also is good for living abundantly in relationship with God and in loving service to our neighbor in the vocations to which God has called us.”

The Curriculum

LifeBalance participants will:

  • Learn about wellness from a biblical and theological perspective
  • Take weekly wellness assessments
  • Develop and implement goals
  • Work with an accountability partner (every week participants will partner up with a new fellow participant)
  • Grow in relationships with others in the LifeBalance course
  • Search for additional wellness resources
  • Evaluate progress toward wellness
  • Commit to LifeBalance follow-up activities and events

Also, participants sign a group covenant that promotes confidentiality, respect and commitment.

Learn More

For additional information on LifeBalance, please contact:

Kelly Fitzgerald, program director, at 847/390-1432 or

Joy Medrano, coordinator of church engagement, at 847/635-4653 or