Hospice, Photo: Jerry Daliege


For individuals facing the end of life, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) offers compassionate, person-centered hospice care for individuals — as well as support for their loved ones — at St. Matthew Center for Health in Park Ridge and P.A. Peterson Center for Health in Rockford.

  • St. Matthew Center for Health partners with several area hospice providers to ensure that individuals at the end of life are allowed comfort and dignity. Those hospice staff members augment the 24/7 services provided by St. Matthew employees. One of those partners is Rainbow Hospice, which runs a 15-room, in-house, inpatient hospice unit (IPU) at St. Matthew. In addition, St. Matthew has one hospice room that can accomodate family members who wish to stay overnight.
  • P.A Peterson Center for Health works with several hospice agencies to care for individuals who need to make end-of-life care decisions. Hospice care is provided in private or semi-private rooms, and also is available in hospice suites on the building’s first floor. These hospice suites include a sleeper sofa and/or rollaway bed to enable a family member to stay overnight.

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815/399-8832 P.A. Peterson Center for Health, Rockford
847/825-5531 St. Matthew Center for Health, Park Ridge

Visit our new Intouch Home Care Services site www.homecare.lssi.org

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