Foster Care for Special Needs Children, Photo: Steve Jahnke

Foster Care for Special Needs Children

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) is a respected provider of specialized foster care. The agency helps to place children who have been abused or neglected, and have serious medical, emotional and/or behavior problems.

Along with having a big heart, foster parents who work with children with medical and behavioral issues need specific skills. To help them, LSSI conducts intensive training to prepare foster parents to meet the children’s special needs. Basically, there are two types of specialized foster care:

  • Medical specialized foster parents care for children with conditions such as diabetes, shaken baby syndrome, HIV/AIDS or cerebral palsy, or children who are equipment-dependent. In the Chicago area, LSSI also works to provide emergency foster homes when needed.
  • Behavioral specialized foster parents are “teaching parents” who help children and families learn new skills and express their feelings appropriately. They help children and youth who have behavioral and emotional needs that stem from traumatic experiences, such as abuse and neglect, or separation and loss.

LSSI is an Illinois Licensed Child Welfare Agency - License #013005

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